A new village in Blanco County, Texas.

Montanoso is a crypto co-operative working to build a village in the heart of Texas Hill Country. Built around shared values and mutual prosperity, Montanoso is a hub for community, crafts, and crypto experiments. The village will feature traditional architecture and be surrounded by restored nature.

Goals of Montanoso

Montanoso is an experiment in crypto governance. We are creating a traditional village surrounded by a managed ecosystem. We aim to promote the crafts, arts, and intellectual development.

Neighborhood DAO

We're building a neighborhood governed by a DAO. Crypto offers a unique opportunity to align financial incentives and offer shared ownership of a community. We're looking for long-term residents who are aligned with the vision of building and living in a traditional town.

Rewilding and restoration

Montanoso will engage in efforts to restore the land to its natural state, featuring a diversity of native plants and providing habitat for wild animals.

Traditional Village

We are building a dense village on top of a hill, inspired by towns such as Monteriggioni. The buildings will be semi-traditional designs and made from long lasting materials. We'll experiment with generative design in collaboration with craftspeople and artisans.

Shared values

Montanoso has a set of guiding principles. We aim to foster long-term thinking and planning. We have an appreciation for beauty. And we aim to promote artistic and intellectual development through guest speakers, artists, and craftspeople.

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