Path to Cabin

The Path to Cabin was created to channel people through a specific path down the hill and prevent erosion. It provides access to the backyard and our neighbor Cabin.

In December 2021 Andrew purchased a chainsaw and was looking for things to cut. He saw a little grove on the east side of the hill and decided to cut through to check it out. As he proceeded he realized it opened up a nice view of the backyard.

Exploring more he realized the grove connected to a deer trail down from the hilltop. This would make a nice scenic path up and down the hill and he started using it for his travels. However the trail was a little ambigious so in April 2022 he cut down juniper branches and used them to delineate the trail boundaries.

In June—after taking visiting guests on the trail—Andrew realized one section was a little steep and slippery so he added two little steps made from juniper branches.

In September we had a tree service out to clear branches from near the house and cut down dead pines. We asked them to leave the wood chippings on site and Andrew carried them bucket by bucket to line the trail. The wood chips provided much needed trail definition and lots of extra traction. At this time that was the last improvement made to the trail.